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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Markham

Canadian Addiction Rehab provides a full range of services for individuals who are looking for alcohol and drug rehab in Markham. We are located in beautiful Caledon, just 45 minutes’ drive away. The Caledon region is known to be one of Ontario’s safest and most scenic locations, making it the perfect place for people who need to get away from the “real world” in order to heal, overcome their addictions and start a new life. Our facility, spread out over nearly one hundred acres, provides a balance: there are running trails and exercise facilities for those who need activity, and there are places where people can sit quietly and enjoy their surroundings when they need time for self-reflection.

A Variety Of Treatment Methods

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, all of our addiction treatment programs are customized for the individual. No two people become addicted in the same way – why should they be expected to follow the same path to recovery? We have a variety of treatment methods available here, including cognitive behavioural therapy, art-based therapies and many more. A blend of treatment methods will be put together for you, depending on your unique qualities, characteristics and circumstances. Not only will your customized program help you overcome your addiction, it will enable you to uncover and explore any underlying issues that need attention.

Safe Medical Detox

Not everybody is able to come to our facility and go directly into rehab. For individuals whose bodies are dependent on the substances they are addicted to, we provide medical detox. This is a process whereby the body becomes accustomed to living without the substance. It can be a frightening and uncomfortable phase. Many people feel ill while they are enduring it, and some experience hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. We help our clients through this overwhelming time by supervising them and providing medical care when needed.

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If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, the best time to call is right now. Don’t wait – let us introduce you to our staff, who will explain the detox and rehab process to you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also show you around our facility, so you will be able to see for yourself the positive, healthy environment that you or your loved one will be spending time in. In most cases, we can offer same-day admission. You have taken the important step of looking for help – we will respond right away and help you embark on your path to a better life.