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Alcohol Rehab Scarborough Ontario

Addiction is a terrible thing to deal with, not only for the addict, but for his or her loved ones. It can damage relationships with family and friends and lead to personal and financial devastation. If help is not sought soon enough, the addict can become physically or mentally ill, and hurt or even kill someone. And of course, there are potentially fatal consequences for the person with the addiction.

For residents of Scarborough, drug & alcohol rehab Scarborough is within easy reach. Canadian Addiction Rehab is located in Caledon, less than an hour’s drive from Scarborough.

A Positive Environment And Compassionate Staff

Life can be difficult in Scarborough. A alcohol & drug  rehabilitation centre should remove as much stress as possible, and Canadian Addiction Rehab does just that. At our facility, you will be away from the people who are enabling your addiction. You will be able to forget about the stress of a difficult job, troubled relationships with friends and family, and easy access to the substance you are trying to get away from.

We provide a positive environment in Scarborough where you can focus on what is important: yourself and your path to recovery. We are staffed by a variety of professional therapists, counsellors and medical personnel who will guide you through all stages of detox and rehab in Scarborough.

Treating The Whole Person

One of the many problems faced by people with addictions is stereotyping. They are accused of being irresponsible and selfish by people who do not know or care about the circumstances leading up to the addiction. At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we treat all of our clients with respect. We do not define anyone by their addiction. Instead, we focus on the whole person.

All of our rehab including Scarborough drug & alcohol Rehab and treatment programs are tailored to each individual, with consideration for their challenges, history, family relationships, and strengths. By exploring underlying issues, we help our clients recover and reintroduce themselves to the outside world with new coping skills.

A New Life Is Within Your Reach

Whether you have had a problem with addiction for a few weeks, a few months or a few years, you can successfully go through rehab. We believe that where there is life, there is hope, and it is our mission to help you save yourself and move onto a positive, happy life. Clients who follow our program diligently have a much higher chance of permanent recovery that is free from relapse. No matter what your life looks like today, you can become your own success story and an inspiration to the people around you.

Don’t wait to get help. Call us today, and we will book an appointment for you to have a look around our drug & alcohol Rehab facility in Scarborough and undergo an assessment. The rest of your life starts right now.