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Toronto Drug Rehab, located less than an hour from the centre of Toronto, has been helping people to overcome addictions and change their lives for a long time. Our facility was founded by someone who has lived the experience of addiction, rehab and rebuilding, so we truly understand what it is like and what our clients need.

We follow a holistic approach that is aimed at treating the person rather than the addiction. Our treatment methods include psychotherapy, naturopathy, and creative therapies that utilize art, music and dance.

Our addiction treatment process in Toronto starts with an assessment. If you come to us for treatment in Toronto, we will use this meeting to get to know you and your loved ones, learn about your unique challenges and circumstances, and devise a treatment program that is customized just for you. We have a very high rate of success. Most of our clients leave our program and lead productive lives without relapse.

Making The Detox Process Less Frightening

Most people with addictions are not able to give up using their substances on their first attempt. This is largely because it is very hard to endure detox alone. Detox is the process whereby the body becomes accustomed to not getting the substance it has become dependent on. It comes with some withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable, frightening and in some cases, fatal.

At Canadian Addiction Rehab in Toronto, we will ensure that you go through detox safely, under medical supervision. We will help you manage your symptoms so that you are physically and mentally strong when it is time to start the rehab portion of your treatment.

A Positive Environment For Rehab And Healing

With our long history of success, we have a reputation for drug and alcohol rehab Toronto residents can rely on. People who try to quit on their own are often met with roadblocks like well-meaning but harmful enablers, negative influences, stress and easy access to drugs and alcohol. At Canadian Addiction Rehab in Toronto, you will be in a positive environment away from the stresses and noise of real life. We will show you ways to cope with negativity without the need for drugs, and we will help you discover ways to use your own unique strengths to rebuild your life and your relationships.

Call Us Today

The staff at Canadian Addiction Rehab in Toronto are committed to helping people overcome addictions and start on a new path to a positive life. Whether you are in the early stages of addiction, or the very late stages, we want to help you. When it comes to seeking help for yourself or someone you love, there is no such thing as “too soon” or “too late”. The time to call is now. We are ready to show you our facility in Toronto, introduce you to some our staff and conduct our initial assessment to get you on the road to recovery.